Expert Session: Co-creation deepening your inspiration

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Expert Session: Co-creation deepening your inspiration

Open session at the New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit

This Expert session was one of the four Open Sessions during the New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit on 4 and 5 February at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.


The Open Sessions have been organized through insightful suggestions of the participants. One of the attendees who filled an open spot at the New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit on the 5th of February was Thierry de Wijn, futurist, business innovator and transformation coach who trains people around the world as a co-creator, and apart of that sets up various social and sustainable innovation projects.  

© Jitske Schols

The mission of Thierry de Wijn during the open session was to promote his vision of ‘conscious evolution and co-creation as a way forward for humanity. Thierry de Wijn opened with a short introduction, in which he shared his holistic vision on a shift towards a new civilization, enhanced by a silent nature documentary on the background. This unusual but thereby inspiring takeoff heralds an interesting expert session. 

© Jitske Schols

 “Co-creating a world that is equal to our potential and preserving our planet for the next generations and all of life.”   

De Wijn is founder of the Art of Co-creation Foundation, an organisation which supports the development of co-creative education and projects. During this Open Session Thierry de Wijn shared his beliefs on the power of co-creation. Apart from that, he is an initiator of a global platform; Co-creators World through which he facilitates and organizes a network of inspirators, innovators and change-makers. This global network of professionals aims to generate personal growth, healing and new forms of citizenship.

The peace-room

After the plenary session Thierry de Wijn changed the conference room at Pakhuis de Zwijger into a meditation room which he called the peace-room. This invigorating and refreshing approach showed a whole new method of solving the urban challenges of our time. In the meantime City Makers from over 79 different European cities were contributing in other expert sessions to the co-creating process of the City Makers Agenda. The peace-room became a nice getaway from this dynamic and noisy process and served as a calm and serene place in the middle of the turbulent two days of the Pre-Summit. Especially during this small-scale session, time for sharing stories about inspiration emerged and creative ideas arose about the co-creation of the City Makers Agenda.

“This Summit is in itself a source of deepening inspiration.” – Attendee of the session


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